Dinamo’s success at Daraselia Cup

The second day of the tournament started with the match between Dynamo Kyiv and GFF Academy. The rain accompanies the match. On the first day Dynamo Kyiv gained 3 points and GFF Academy had only one point. GFF academy opened the score on 30th minute. Dima Ghurtskaia scored. Dynamo Kyiv tried to equalize the score in the second half, although it couldn’t and the match finished with the victory of GFF Academy.

GFF Academy 1:0 Dynamo Kyiv

Goal: 1:0 Ghurtskaia 30’

GFF: Kharatishvili, Abzhandadze (Grigalashvili 64), Zosiashvili, Pirtakhia, Rurua, G.Mamageishvili (Labadze 56), O.Mamageishvili, Khimshiashvili (PPutkaradze 56), Tsulukidze (Sordia 53), Tcheishvili, Ghurtskaia (Gochiashvili 64)

Dynamo Kyiv: Kocherha, Alexandrov (Pukhtieiev 36), Benediuk, Chubatyi (Davtalov 49), Filatov (Yeremenko 36), Ganzhola (Tsarenko 36), Horbach, Melnichenko, Polishchuk, Slesar, Volkovytskyy


The second match of the second day was overloaded with goals. Feyenoord defeated Braga SC with big score - 5:0. All the goals were scored in the first half. Skyum performed hattrick during 12 minutes. Van Lunteren performed double. Feyenoord gained the first 3 points and Braga has 1 point. The situation in Group B is very strained.  

Feyenoord Rotterdam 5:0 Braga

Goal: 1:0 Skyum 10’  2:0 van Lunteren 17’  3:0 Skyum 18’  4:0 Skyum 20’  5:0 van Lunteren 22’

Feyenoord Rotterdam: Berger, van Tol, Candelaria, Oetoehganal (Gonzaga 4, Bogarde 45), Messaoui (van der Heijden 36), van Lunteren, Veenvliet (Rais 70), Christoffel, Skyum, Mohamedhoesein (Zechiel 52), Hartjes


Braga: Paiha (Azevedo 36), Alves (Barbosa 36), Matos, Sousa, da Silva (A. Ferreira 36), Branco, Concelcao (Brito 58), Pinto (Gomes 20), Ferreira, Pereira, Fale


FC Empoli and FC Zurich competed in the third match. Italian team had 3 points and FC Zurich has lost with FC Dinamo Tbilisi the last day. Empoli started the match actively and Panicucchi scored during the first minutes. In the middle of the first half he scored second goal as well. Swiss team attacked much in the second half. The last 4 minutes of the match were the most interesting. On 67th minute Stevanovic scored with penalty kick. During additional time Denoon equalized the score with header and finally the match finished with draw-2:2.  

Zurich 2:2 Empoli

Goal: 0:1 Panicucchi 1’  0:2 Panicucchi 20’  1:2 Stevanovic 67’  2:2 Denoon 70+1’

Zurich: Kunzli, Leao, Cardoso, Seboek, Denoon, Schiess (Ltaief 56), Ganiyou, Shaqiri (Luburic 36), Joos, Kopp (Stevanovic 42), Gonzenbach


Empoli: Fantoni, Baggiani (Bucchioni 42), Fini (Falsini 36), Ignacchiti, Indragoli, Macchi (Barsi 49), Marianucci, Mauthe (Capelli 42), Panicucchi (Corsi 36), Renzi (Guarino 49), Guarino




The final match of the day took place between FC Dinamo Tbilisi and Wolverhampton. Our team had 3 points and the rival-0. Dinamo gained priority from the beginning. On 14th minute Luka Gagnidze opened the score. On 21st minute he increased score up to two with penalty kick. On 49th minute Luka Janashia scored the third goal and on 62nd minute Jaduli Iobashvili recorded the final result of the match. Dinamo Tbilisi won the second match and gained the right to play in play-off in advance.

Dinamo Tbilisi 4:0 Wolverhampton

Goal: 1:0 Gagnidze 14’  2:0 Gagnidze 21’  3:0 Janashia 49’  4:0 Iobashvili 62’


Dinamo: Jojua, Gogotishvili, Gaprindashvili, Khvadagiani, Chkhetiani, Gagnidze (Janashia 36), Gegiadze, Todua (Kobakhidze 63), Iobashvili, Shiolashvili (Kverenchkhiladze 36), Abuashvili (Gogebashvili 63)

Wolverhampton: Jackson, Barnett, Pierpoint, Brown (Kabeya 36), Horan (O’Grady 36), Kandola, Limbiskisa, McLeod (Farmer 43), Roberts (Fraser 65), Nzinga (Scicluna 36), Tipton

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