Dinamo and Empoli in the final

The play-off match day started competition between Zurich and Dynamo Kyiv. The winner of the match would compete for the 5th place. Dynamo Kyiv attacked from the beginning that was followed by an auto-goal of Zurich footballer. Trifunoivic scored auto-goal on 9th minute. In the second half Ukrainian team scored 2 more goals. Slesar and Ganzhola scored. Finamo Gynamo won with the score 3:0 and tomorrow it will compete with Wolverhampton for the 5th place. Zurich will compete with Braga for 7-8 places.

Zurich 0:3 Dynamo Kyiv

Goal: 0:1 Trifunovic a.g. 6’  0:2 Slesar 52’  0:3 Ganzhola 58’

Zurich: Zajac, Cardoso, Seboek, Trifunovic, Fischer (Ltaief 65), Denoon, Schiess, Ganiyou (Kopp 58), Shaqiri (Luburic 36), Joos, Gonzenbach

Dynamo Kyiv: Kocherha, Alexandrov (Benediuk 36), Davtalov, Fernando (Ganzhola 36), Filatov, Polishchuk (Melnichenko 47), Pukhtieiev, Semenets (Slesar 36), Volkovytskyy, Yeremenko, Tsarenko (Horbach 47)



The second match was held between Braga and Wolverhampton. The match was very interesting. On the 3rd minute Fale opened the score. On 27th minute Scicluna equalized the score. On 42nd minute Wolverhampton went forward with McLeod’s goal. In about 10 minutes Barnett recorded the final result of the match-3:1.  On the last minute Fraser had chance to score by penalty, but Azevedo repelled well. Tomorrow Braga will compete with Zurich at 10:00 for 7-8 places. Dynamo Kyiv and Wolverhampton will compete for the fifth place at 12:00.

Wolverhampton 3:1 Braga

Goal: 0:1 Fale 3’  1:1 Scicluna 27’  2:1 McLeod 42’  3:1 Barnett 53’ 

Wolverhampton: Storer, Barnett (Horan 56), Pierpoint, Brown (O’Grady 68), Kandola, Limbiskisa, McLeod (Fraser 63), Ojinaka, Roberts (Farmer 63), Scicluna, Tipton

Braga: Azevedo, Barbosa, (Alves 56), Matos, Sousa, Branco (da Silva 47), Lopes (Concelcao 56), J. Ferreira, Gomes, Pereira (Almeida 36), A. Ferreira, Fale


In the evening GFF Academy and Empoli competed for the final. Both teams attacked. On 11th minute O.Mamageishvili scored with exact kick. Capelli equalized the score on 54th minute. The match finished with draw 1:1 and penalties were appointed. Finally Empoli won in penalties(5:3) and moved to final. 

GFF Academy 1:1 (3:5 pen) Empoli

Goal: 1:0 O. Mamageishvili 11’  1:1 Capelli 54’

GFF Academy: Kharatishvili, Abzhandadze, Zosiashvili Pirtakhia, Rurua (Sordia 68), G.Mamageishvili, O.Mamageishvili, Khimshiashvili, Labadze (Tcheishvili 54), Tsulukidze, Ghurtskaia

Empoli: Fantoni, Baggiani  (Capelli 49), Barsi, (Mauthe 71), Bucchioni (Falsini 36), Fini, Guarino, Ignacchiti, Macchi, Maressa, Panicucchi, Renzi (Marianucci 49)



dThe second finalist should be revealed after the match between FC Dinamo Tbilisi and Feyenoord. The match started at 20:00. Our team was quite motivated and started the match actively. Dinamo’s attacks had result on 15th minute when Saba Gegiadze scored the first goal. In 15 minutes Gigi Abuashviliscored the second goal. The second half started with Feyenoord’s attack.  On 40th minute , Messaoui scored. After that Dinamo gained total priority. In 10 minutes Luka Gagnidze scored -3:1/ On 59th minute Jaduli Iobashvili finished the nice combination with 4th goal. On 69th minute Levan Kobakhidze recorded the final result of the match. – 5:1. Tomorrow FC Dinamo Tbilisi and FC Empoli will compete for the trophy in the final. The match at Dinamo Academy will start at 17:00.  GFF Academy and Feyenoord will compete for the third place at 14:00 on the same location. 

Dinamo Tbilisi 5:1 Feyenoord

Goal: 1:0 Gegiadze15’  2:0 Abuashvili 29’  2:1 Messaoui 40’  3:1 Gagnidze 50’  4:1 Ioabashvili 59’  5:1 Kobakhidze 69’

Dinamo Tbilisi: Jojua, Gogotishvili, Gaprindashvili (Kobakhidze 65), Khvadagiani, Chkhetiani, Gagnidze (Bagrationi 65), Gegiadze, Todua (Gogebashvili 47), Iobashvili (Latsabidze 65), Shiolashvili (Kverenchkhiladze 61), Abuashvili (Khutiashvili 65)

Feyenoord: Dekker, van Tol, Bogarde, Candelaria, Messaoui, Gonzaga, Veenvliet (Mohamedhoesein 50), Christoffel, Skyum, Hartjes, Felicia van Lunteren 17)

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