Dinamo won Daraselia Cup

Braga SC and FC Zurich competed for VII-VIII places on the final day of Daraselia Cup. Braga started the match actively and scored 10 goals in 10 minutes. Gomes scored on 3rd minute. Soon Fale scored the second and thirs goals on 11th and 15th minutes. On 22nd minute Zurich attacked and Stevanovic scored. Braga attacked more and Fale performed hattrick. He gathered 7 goals and leads the list of bombardiers. Finally the match finished with the score 4:1. Portuguese team finished the tournament on 7th place.

Braga 4:1 Zurich

Goal: 1:0 Gomes 11’  2:0 Fale 11’  3:0 Fale 15’  3:1 Stevanovic 22’  4:1 Fale 69’

Braga: Paiha, Alves (A. Ferreira 41), Matos, Sousa, da Silva, Concelcao, Lopes (Brito 60), J. Ferreira, Almeida (Pereira 60), Gomes, Fale

Zurich: Kunzli, Seboek,  Luburic, Stevanovic, Ltaief, Schiess, Ganiyou (Fischer 36), Shaqiri, Joos,  Kopp, Gonzenbach


Dynamo Kyiv and Wolverhampton competed for the fifth place. Dinamo Kyiv won the match with the score 4:0. Slesar performed double on 10th and 29th minutes. Besides him Davlatov and Benediuk also scored. Finally Dynamo took the 5th place on the tournament. 

Dynamo Kyiv 4:0 Wolverhampton

გოლი: 1:0 Slesar 10’  2:0 Davtalov 11’  3:0 Slesar 29’  4:0 Benediuk 39’

Dynamo Kyiv: Isachenko, Benediuk (Fernando 44), Davtalov, Filatov, Ganzhola, Melnichenko (Pukhtieiev 44), Polishchuk, Slesar (Semenets 44), Volkovytskyy, Yeremenko, Tsarenko

Wolverhampton: Storer, Barnett, Pierpoint, Brown, Kandola, Limbiskisa (Kabeya 36), McLeod (Horan 36), Ojinaka (Nzinga 36), Roberts (Farmer 47), Scicluna (Fraser 36), Tipton


GFF Academy team and Feyenoord competed for the third place. The match was very tense and interesting. van der Heijden opened the score. On 63rd minute Gizo Mamageishvili equalized the score. On the last minute of the match penalty was appointed against GFF Academy and Groen scored the second goal with exact kick. Feyenoord won bronze medals.

Feyenoord 2:1 GFF Academy

Goal: 1:0 van der Heijden 18’  1:1 G. Mamageishvili 63’  2:1 Groen (pen) 70’

Feyenoord:  Dekker, Bogarde, van der Heijden, Gonzaga, van Lunteren (Berger 66), Zechiel, Veenvliet, Christoffel, Mohamedhoesein, Hartjes, Felicia (Groen 50)

GFF: Kharatishvili, Abzhandadze, Zosiashvili, Pirtakhia, Rurua, O.Mamageishvili, G. Mamageishvili, Labadze, Putkaradze, Sordia (Ghurtskaia 41), Gochiashvili (Tcheishvili 41)


The final match of the tournament started at 17:00 at Dinamo Academy stadium, FC Dinamo Tbilisi competed with Empoli in the final. Our team started the match actively and Gigi Abuashvili failed to scorethe first goal on 3rd minute. On 15th minute Luka Gagnidze missed the target in centimeters. On 23rd minute Jaduli Iobashvili finished Giorgi Chkhetiani’s attack and scored the only goal of the match. In half an hour our team was saved from goal. The second half started with Dinamo’s priority, although no more goals were scored. Finally the host team of the tournament won gold medals.  

Dinamo 1:0 Empoli

Goal: 1:0 Iobashvili 23’

Dinamo: Jojua, Gogotishvili, Gaprindashvili, Khvadagiani, Chkhetiani (Gogebashvili 70), Gagnidze, Gegiadze, Todua (Shiolashvili 41), Iobashvili, Abuashvili, Kverenchkhiladze (Bagrationi 75)  

Empoli: Fontanelli, Baggiani, Barsi, (Regoli 75), Capelli (Mauthe 59), Fini, Guarino, Ignacchiti, Macchi, Maressa, Panicucchi, Renzi

Awarding ceremony was held after the tournament. Footballers received individual prizes as well.

The best goalkeeper – Luka Kharatishvili GFF Academy) was awarded by Otar Gabelia.
The best defender – Saba Khvadaginai (Dinamo Tbilisi) was awarded by Davit Mujiri.

The best midfielder- Bucchioni (Empoli) was awarded by Nodar Khizanishvili.

The best forward- Schiess  (Zurich) was awarded by Vladimer Gustaev.

The best footballer-Luka Gagnidze (Dinamo Tbilisi) was awarded by Aleksandre Chivadze.

The bombardier with 7 goals – Fale (Braga) was awarded by Revaz Dzodzuashvili.

Author of the best goal – Polishchuk (Dynamo Kyiv) was awarded by Vitali Daraselia Junior

The discovery of the tournament – Gonzaga (Feyenoord) was awarded by Vakhtang Koridze and head of VTB Bank marketing department Shota Matchavariani.

Wolverhampton footballer Brown became the favorite player of spectators. He was awarded by Irakli Gvilava- head of Culture, Education, Sport and Youth Affairs Department at Tbilisi City Hall and Irakli Purtseladze-general director of Aversi Pharma.

Feyenoord was awarded with bronze medals by Aleksandre Iashvili.
Davit Mujiri delivered silver medals to FC Empoli.

Roman Pipia and Levan Kobiashvili awarded FC Dinamo Tbilisi with gold medals and Vitali Daraselia Cup.

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