Dinamo played draw with Spartak

FC Dinamo Tbilisi played the second sparring on camp in Turkey. Our team competed with FK Spartak Subotica and finished it with draw. Because of daily rains, the field wasn’t in a good situation that reflected on the match. Luka Kapianidze and Antonio Rojano missed the match because of little injuries. The match started with the priority of Serbs and they created three dangerous moments during the first 15 minutes. In the first episode Dmytro Ivanisenya played well. In the next two episodes Spanish goalkeeper Perales saved his team. After that Dinamo attacked. Guja Rukhaia kicked from long distance and Levan Shengelia kicked technically, although goalkeeper repelled. Before the end of the first time both teams exchanged dangerous moments. The second half started with the active game of Dinamo and Fran Carbia and Levan Shengelia had chance to score during the first 10 minutes. Spanish forward kicked but missed the target. Levan Shengelia continued his attack but he was stopped. Referee continued the match. In several minutes Carbia missed the target. On 56th minute our rival benefited from the mistake of Dinamo’s defense and Jenic scored. Dinamo attacked, played on counter attacks but in vain. On the last minute Giorgi Kukhianidze managed to equalize the score. Finally the match finished with draw 1:1. Dinamo will play the next match on February 5 against  NK Široki Brijeg.   

Dinamo Tbilisi 1:1 Spartak Subotica

Goal: 0:1 Jenic 56’  1:1 Kukhianidze 90’

Dinamo: Perales (Sikach 46), Rukhaia (Gabitashvili 75), Kobouri (Abdel 54), Mongil (Dzotsenidze 56), Iashvili, Ivanisenya (Kardava 60), Papava (Kukhianidze 46), Shengelia (Ninua 69), Shulaia (Ergemlidze 65), Kutalia (Zaria 46), Carbia

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