Dinamo lost with FC Merani

Today Georgian Cup 1/8 final match took place at Spaer stadium, in which FC Merani Tbilisi hosted FC Dinamo Tbilisi. The guest team missed the first chance to score on 20th minute. Levan Shengelia attacked and passed but Giorgi Zaria missed the target. In response Perales repelled Beka Gabiskeria’s kick from short distance.  In the end of the first half Levan Kutalia appeared alone in front of the goalkeeper but missed the chance to score. The same happened in the second half. Dinamo attacked but couldn’t score. On 115th minute Merani player, Gogi Pipia scored the only goal of the match with penalty. Dinamo lost with the score 0:1.  


Merani  1:0  Dinamo

Goal: 1:0 Pipia 114’

Booked: Kardava 42’  Sharikadze 44’  Popkhadze 54’  Datunaishvili 78’ 


Merani: Tevdoradze, Kakhelishvili, Tevzadze, Popkhadze, Chukvura, Gabiskiria (Shengelidze 110), Datunaishvili, Sharikadze, Khabelashvili (Pipia 71), Deisadze (Karkuzashvili 117), Nikabadze (Mikaberidze 86)

Dinamo: Perales, Rukhaia (Kaplienko 104), Medioub, Mongil, Iashvili, Papava, Kardava (Shulaia 112), Zaria (Ninua 77), Shengelia, Kukhianidze (Abuashvili 94), Kutalia


Referee: P. Matcharadze

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