Mate Tsintsadze - I dreamt to play in Dinamo Tbilisi

Midfielder Mate Tsintsadze born on January 7, 1995 will play in Dinamo Tbilisi. 19 year old Mate started to play football in Poti and afterwards continued his career in FC Locomotive Tbilisi and played there for 6 years. He played in FC Torpedo Kutaisi for the last 6 months. Mate Tsintsadze has played in all national teams of Georgia.

Mate Tsintsadze- I dreamt to play in Dinamo Tbilisi. I had some offers but I was very glad to hear about Dinamo’s interest. Dinamo has devoted fans and I will do my best to play on Euro arena.  There are very good conditions in Dinamo Tbilisi. Here is everything any footballer needs to succeed.



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